System Update APR15

The following is a listing of the functionalites added and issues addressed in System Update APR15 deployed April 12th@12AM.

HTML formatting (Member Invite)

  • Members can now add HTML code to their text when inviting someone to join eReferral.

Pending Accounts 

  • Administrators can now view the current accounts that are pending verification
  • A “Resend Verification Email” button as been added
  • Ability to Delete any accounts that are currently pending validation was added

Case Summary 

  • Additional fields for patient information have been added such as: Insurance Carrier Name, Insurance Carrier Group Number, Insurance Carrier Certificate Number, Medical History, Medications and Parent/Responsible Guardian Name


Case Search 

  • Ability to Search all Cases related to this office as been added instead of searching by “Cases referred to this office” or “Cases created by this office”


Cases View 

  • Sort all cases by simply clicking on a column (Case Name, Patient Name, Description or Last Modified)



  • Cases can now be marked as “Archived” once completed to hide it from your Cases list
  • Archived cases can also be reviewed later on by simply selecting the “Show Archived” checkbox


Performance Issues (Member lookup)

  • Issue of slow performance when looking up members as been addressed.

Contact Details

Address: 100-5335 Canotek Rd Ottawa, ON K1J 9L4
Phone: 1-866-788-1212