Mixing Dentistry with Technology

New Robot Patient Helps Train Dental Students

Scientists at Showa University in Tokyo, Japan, first created Hanako over a decade ago. Today, improvements have been made to the android robot that acts like a dental patient. Showa Hanako 2 possesses more human-like qualities such as a silicone skin and mouth lining, and a motorized movement of its tongue, head and arms. The robot provides psychological training for students as well as regular skill training. Interacting with a humanized robot rather than with an inanimate dummy, can trigger the same emotions doctors might experience when dealing with real patients. Students are thus better prepared to tackle the challenges they will encounter during their practice.

Showa Hanako 2 was designed to move, act and feel like a real human being. Students practice on the robot dummy in order to get a more accurate feel of treating a real live patient. The robot possesses a number of human qualities; speaking, coughing, shaking its head, gagging and closing its mouth if it has been open for too long or too wide, are to name but a few. Showa Hanako 2 is equipped with speech recognition software that allows her to communicate with the students. Software technology is in fact being implemented in numerous areas of dentistry.

The eReferral Service

It comes as no surprise that technology is taking the world by storm. The realm of dentistry is no exception. From digital X-Rays and CAD/CAM digital impressions to robotics, dental practices continue to evolve and parallel the rise of technology. The eReferral Service joins these two worlds together by providing dentists with an online service that allows them to securely transfer patient case files to referred parties. The eReferral Service provides a unified system for all dentists and a standardized workflow. Transmitting everything electronically also means clearer communication between health care professionals, thus ensuring a seamless experience for patients.

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